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  Specialities (Mild)  
  Korma (Chicken, Lamb)
  Mildly spicy, cooked with roasted nuts,
and fresh cream
  Chicken Patala
  Breast of Chicken pieces cooked with garlic, tomato and mixed herbs in a special creamy sauce.  
  Chicken or Lamb Pasanda €12.99
  Chicken or Lamb pieces cooked in almon, fresh cream and crushed roasted nuts.  
  Tikka Masala (Chicken Lamb) €12.99
  Cooked in thick creamy sauce with saffron  
  Machan Chicken €12.99
  Tandoori Chicken pieces cooked in fresh cream and butter sauce, with roasted nuts and saffron  
  Murgi Masalam
  Tandoori Chicken pieces, diced Lamb, Egg cooked in tempting thick sauce of fine brandy, fresh cream and Saffron  
  Tandoori Jumbo Prawn Masala
  Jumbo Prawns marinated, mildly spiced, roasted and cooked in thick creamy Tandoori sauce.  
  Biriany Specialities
  Biriany Dishes are cooked with Saffron Pilau Rice & spiced with aromatic fresh herbs and served with veg, curry sauce, boiled egg and tomato on the top.  
  Chicken Tikka Biriany €17.99
  Chicken/Lamb Biriany €16.99
  Vegetable Biriany €15.55
  Special Biriany €19.99
  Bhuna (Medium)  
  A very popular Indian Medium Spicy Dish cooked with Spring Onion, Herbs, Fresh Coriander & Tomato.  
  Chicken Bhuna €11.99
  Lamb/Beef Bhuna €12.99
  Prawn Bhuna €14.99
  Jumbo Prawn Bhuna €19.99
  Jalfrezi (Hot)
  Cooked with Sliced Onion, Green Peppers, Fresh Coriander in a Thick hot Sour Sauce.  
  Chicken Jalfrezi €12.85
  Lamb/Beef Jalfrezi €12.99
  Prawn Jalfrezi €14.60
  Jumbo Prawn Jalfrezi €20.99
  Karai (Medium)
  Cooked with Indian Herbs, Sliced Onion and Green Pepper, Fresh Ginger,
Garlic and Coriander.
  Chicken Karai €11.99
  Lamb/Beef Karai €12.55
  Prawn Karai €14.99
  Jumbo Prawn Karai €20.99
  Chilli Masala (Hot)
  Cooked with Fresh Green Chilli and Coriander in a Thick Sauce.  
  Chicken Chilli Masala €12.85
  Lamb/Beef Chilli Masala €12.99
  Prawn Chilli Masala €14.99
  Jumbo Prawn Chilli Masala €20.99
  Chilli Vindaloo (Very Hot)  
  Cooked with Sliced Potatoes
- A Superb Hot Dish.
  Chicken Vindaloo €12.85
  Lamb/Beef Vindaloo €12.99
  Prawn Vindaloo €14.99
  Jumbo Prawn Vindaloo €20.99
  Rogan Josh (Medium)  
  An Excellent Dish cooked with Fresh Herbs,
Spices and Aromatic Rogan Chillies.
  Chicken Rogan Josh
  Lamb/Beef Rogan Josh €12.99
  Prawn Rogan Josh €14.99
  Jumbo Prawn Rogan Josh
  Dopiaza (Medium)  
  Cooked with Onions, Green Peppers, Herbs
and Spices in Thick Sauce.
  Chicken Dopiaza
  Lamb/Beef Dopiaza
Fish Dopaza (Salmon)
  Balti (Medium Spicy)  
  An Authentic Punjabi Dish cooked in Thick Medium Spicy Sauce.
A recommended dish.
  Chicken Balti
  Lamb/Beef Balti €12.99
  Prawn Balti €15.55
  Jumbo Prawn Balti €20.99
  Madras (Very Hot)  
  This Dish is very popular in South India prepared with Powder and Fresh Lemon in Spicy Sauce.  
  Chicken Madras €12.55
  Lamb/Beef Madras €12.99
  Prawn Madras €14.99
  Jumbo Prawn Madras €20.99
  Palak (Medium)
  An excellent Dish cooked with Chopped Spinach  
  Chicken Sag

  Lamb/Beef Sag €14.95
  Prawn Sag €15.99
  Narioul (Mild)  
  A Medium Spicy Dish cooked with Aromatic Spices and Coconut Milk.  
  Narioul Chicken €12.55
  Narioul Prawn €14.99
  Narioul Jumbo Prawn €20.99
  Tandoori Main Courses  
  All the Tandoori Dishes are marinated with
Special Spices and grilled in the Clay Oven
(Sizzling Dishes).
  Tandoori Murgi (Leg/Breast)

  Tandoori Chicken Tikka
(Breast Chicken)
  Special Tandoori Mixed Grill
(An assortment of meats)
  Tandoori Jumbo Prawn
(served with onion, tomato, mushroom)
  Chicken Shaslik Kebab €11.55
  (Chunky pieces of Chicken Breast served with onion, tomato and mushroom).  
  Chicken Tikka Malai €12.95
  Tender pieces of Chicken Tikka moist with
Thick Creamy Sauce.
  Himalaya Chef Specialities €15.99
  These dished are highly recommended by our chef.h.  
  Special Lamb and Chicken Tikka Curry €15.99
  Succulent pieces of Chicken or Lamb cooked with garlic and onion.  
  Rezela €15.99
  Succulent pieces of Chicken or Lamb cooked with onion, tomato, mild spices with yoghurt and cream.  
  Dhansk €15.99
  Medium hot chicken breast prepared with an extrordinary combination of lentil, pineapple and spices.  
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